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This is the most important page on any Allanté web site!

Since you own an Allanté, which I feel is one of the most unique Automobiles on the road today. And now you find yourself searching the net for new or used parts, advice, information or anything you can find for your car. Sure, you can call, write, or e-mail other allantéans for info, BUT there is nothing better than going to an Allanté event. You will see more Allantés than you can shake a stick at, meet the owners, and converse about your second love.

I’m sure some of you own, or know others that have older collectors cars. They are nice to own, But where can you go with them? Most will only travel to local car shows and meets. With an Allanté you can drive across country in comfort and luxury. The trunk big enough for all you luggage, any Allanté parts you may find, and if you have any money left, a little something for your spouse.

Attending the meets is best way we can improve public awareness, and collector value of our Allantés. For the past three years we have been going to Carlisle Pa. For the GM nationals. If your not familiar with Carlisle, this is the capitol for collector cars. The management and spectators have been very impressed with the presentation of our babies.

Now as Allanté owners, you owe it to your self and other owners to participate in as many shows as possible. The more Allantés we get at the meets will help to increase the pleasure of ownership for everyone. (Oh what the heck) It makes us feel better that we invested our money, and time to go to a show.

So please, if you see a listing that interests you, book it! You can always cancel if need be. When calling for a hotel, most will ask : how many booked so far? Just think, you will be added to the list when others call.

We also do local car shows in the area. Please E-Mail or call if you know of an event you would like the club to attend.
E-Mail John

Itinerary Of Allanté Meets

1st Annual Cadillac Allanté Club National
A Relaxing Stay in Niagara Falls Sept. 6th to the 8th

Then its on to the

Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival
Watkins Glen, NY. Sept. 9th through the 12th 2004

Allanté Museum Tour July 1-8, 2005

Tour of Old City Philadelphia, and Atlantic city Casinos............
Come see the Allanté museum on this weekend. Full details will follow shortly, but we will chose a hotel and with options for Atlantic City Casinos, only 40 miles away or/both Philadelphia historic old city with fireworks on Penn's Landing. 17 miles away.
If anyone has any interest in any certain places, let me know and we will arrange it.