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Dear Allantéans,
This page will help you and your Allanté to make a long, loving and lasting relationship with each other.
You MUST follow all these tips to make it work. So as we here at the CAC will list all the important tips and tricks as we get them.
If you ever have any questions, you can e-mail, or call me.

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All brake fluid should be changed in all cars, but if you own a 1987 to 1992 Allanté, you MUST have it change at least every 2 years. Here at the DVAAG we have STS Auto in Turnersville, NJ do ours. They have all the information and tools on how its done. If you go to some one else, make sure they can remove every drop of the old fluid.
Never push any of the old brake fluid back in the system. This is done when your replacing brake pads. If your doing brake work yourself, after your done, then get the fluid replaced.

Here is a quick fix that Barbara came up with. Go to any stationary store and get 2 Binder clips. Install them on the back of the visor and flip down the butterfly like lever. It will rest on the windshield header.

Do you have a 90.5 to 93 Allanté ? And you could only find a phase 1 top. Well our Vice President Joe Iezzi Came up with an inexpensive way to install a phase 1 top on phase 2 Allanté.

Allanté Hard Top Conversion
Making a phase 1 top (1987 to 1990) fit a phase 2 (1990.5 to 1993)
There are 4 steps to this.

1st, You need to remove the medal bracket on the under side of the front of the top. Its under the weather stripping. Then you have to cut it to fit around the pull down latches on the top of the phase 2 windshield

2, You have to remove the latches on the top, and cut and file down the locking pins (this is where the pins go into the hole at the top of the windshield header at the visors

3, On both outer sides of the visors, there are small plastic covers that cover the screws that hold up the visors. We remove the covers and the one screw on each side (the far outer ones) Drill hole in cover and install a new flat head bolt. So when your done, you will only see a smooth round flat bolt that can be painted to match.

4, On the back bottom of the top, where the top hits the boot, we install a single sided foam tape that keeps the rivets from scratching the boot.

5, Ok one more step, It seams to be that most people are concerned about the weather-stripping on the 93s because of the vent windows, so far we did not have any problems with leaking. If you do you can always build it up with black silicone caulk

If you have any small dings in them, take them to a good body shop and they can remove these annoying looking dings. Their stainless steel so there easy to get looking good as new.

6-SEAT SWITCHES NOT WORKING on your 87 to 90?
Remove switch from seat, turn it upside down and spray electrical contact cleaner into it. There are other ways, but this seams to work the fastest.
And when you exit the car, DONT put you hand over the buttons to help you out of the car. You will break the end of it.

Remove seat switch from car. You will see on each end, there are clips that hold it to the seat. The Reason they break off, is when you push down on it, the clip pushes through the plastic. To fix, push clip down as far as it will go, and put whatever you like ( I used a thin piece of plexiglass)and slip it into the slot. Now the clip wont move.

A few of you may be missing these clips that hold down the mini covers. Well we may find them for you. Lift, and lock the back of the soft top, With you hand feel all around under the side window, you will feel a ledge, 9 out of 10 times there will be at least one clip sitting up there. Check both sides. Let me know if you find them.

Finally I got my center console to stay up. The little strut that they used seems only to last for 6 months. I've replaced it two times. This time I installed a steel spring thats open with no tension. Works great. Now I dont have to worry about my fingers.

10- ABS Brakes Failure
We just had a member loose his brakes all of a sudden, with out no waning. If this happens, check the relay ( located on the inter right fender, there are 3 relays, it will be the bigger one) after replacing it , brakes were fine.

Cup Holders For Your Allanté
This is a very cheap, and inexpensive way to have cup holders in your Allanté. And it doesn't look bad ether. They come in most colors, or paint to match.

This is what we do. When you find one, you have to cut the pointed tits from the bottom of it. Put a small towel over the console,then we lift up the armrest, put cupholder in place then put down the armrest over the tray compartment.

Now you have 2 cupholders plus you will like the way the armrest is highter for resting your arm.

If you can't find one, we do have some left for $10.00

I have got to find time to paint this.
Best Allanté Mechanic Shop
I was traveling upstate New Jersey, and I came across this repair shop. I was getting an oil change, when this tow truck pulled up with a pearl white Allanté on the hook. I asked the owner who's car it was, and he told me that it's some guy that lives in the area. His Allanté is here at least once a week. My business does so well with him, that we named the shop after him.

Here Comes Jay!