Cadillac AllantÚ / XLR Club
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Welcome to the AllantÚ Store

This page is designed to help you keep your AllantÚ in tip top shape!

Forget about E-Bay where the prices are sky high. Looking for an AllantÚ part or memorabilia? All it takes is an E-Mail to me at: to see if we have it in stock. If not I can most likely get it for you.

Having any problems with your AllantÚ? let me know. We can fix it,or direct you to someone who can.

Are you looking to buy or sell your AllantÚ? let us know. We always have members and non-members looking to buy.

Do you have any new, old, broken, or worn out AllantÚ parts. We can use, or partially use any item you may have.

Remember, the DVAG is a non-profit group that does not have annual dues, but does generate some revenue from new, and used AllantÚ items we sell.

AllantÚ Auto Parts
We stock most parts. Just give us a e-mail of what your looking for. From Hard Tops to original tires. From front grills to back bumper moulding.
DVAG Club Shirt
The DVAG Club shirts are ready to order.
They are a good quality shirt. The shirts will be White with a checker board collar, they will have the Cadillac wreath with AllantÚ in side and the Pininfarina logo on top with Delaware valley Group bottom of wreath.
Also your name on the other side.
The shirts are 35.00
Please e-mail me with your size.
PS, If you attend a AllantÚ meet without your shirt Mr. Wisan will fine you 10.00 LOL

Delaware Valley AllantÚ Tee Shirts
We have them in all sizes.
There $15.00 a piece
AllantÚs Cruise Graceland Tee Shirts
We have them in all sizes.
There 15.00 a piece

AllantÚ Top Patches
These Patches are designed to cover the tears on the sides of the soft top.As well as shirts etc. You can have them professional sewn in or what I have done was to used 3M trim glue. Every now and then all I had to do was run my finger around it. You can get them in any color,Most get them to the color of their car.( shown in silver and Green) They are 3 1/2" round. We can also make them oblong.
There a set of 2 for 35.00 Shipping included
Woodgrain Dash Kits
Here is you chance to get a 6 or 18 piece woodgrain dash kit. We have all colors in stock. Burl wood for the maroon interiors,Rose wood for the Saddle interior and carbon fiber for black interiors and Dark burl for the neutral interiors.

The 6 piece kit covers the Digital Dash, Around the bezel of the digital dash, Left and right side of the steering wheel (where the head lights and the wipers are) Around the whole DIC (where the radio is) and around the shifter.This 6 piece kit goes for only $185.00

You Need More Pieces? We also carry the 18 piece kit. This goes for only $295.00. This kit covers same as the 6 piece set plus, around all a.c.vents, door handles, ashtray, bottom of the DIC (the triangle shape ledge) and next to the window switches.

The picture also features a 2 piece steering wheel kit for an additional $75.00.

(Click on the picture for full size image)

10 Karat Gold AllantÚ Ring
10 Karat Gold AllantÚ Rings. Only $85.00
E-Mail me if your interested, and state size.

AllantÚ Memorabilia
We also have Books, Magazines, Dealer Catalogs, Service Manuals, Owners Manuals, Match box cars and the list goes on.
E-Mail me your year AllantÚ and ill tell you what's available.